Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Youth Development Hockey

Welcome to the Youth Hockey Program at Supergoose Sports. This  page is intended to provide you with a greater understanding of our hockey program and the commitment required in the program to help manage your expectations. Managing your expectations will go a long way in providing the support necessary for a successful hockey experience with Supergoose Sports.
Supergoose Hockey would first like to thank you for participating in our hockey programs and we are committed to providing our participants the best youth hockey experience possible.
Our primary goal is to assist in the positive development of all our participants as individuals and team members and we hope to provide a memorable hockey experience for all participants and their families. The coaching staff at Supergoose Hockey aims to provide a fun and healthy environment with a focus on personal growth and teamwork development by way of teaching the fundamentals of hockey and its core values. Hockey is a team sport.
Our participants are at the center of our hockey program. Therefore, our youth hockey program must be, simply put, for the participants. We want to work together with you and make the participants our primary focus. Most importantly, our focus is on teamwork above individual records or achievements.

10 Things for Parents to Remember

  1. Hockey is for the participants. Your dreams should remain your dreams. Let your child make his/her own dreams.
  2. Support your child and be a role model. Show respect for the game, its officials and the opposition.
  3. This is not the NHL and most of the coaches and referees within our program are volunteers.
  4. Our entire coaching staff and organization is approachable. We welcome and appreciate your feedback.
  5. Please understand that this sport is much harder than it looks.
  6. Don’t be too hard on your child if he/she makes a mistake. Your child is looking for encouragement from you not disappointment.
  7. Have fun at the rink. Cheer for and encourage all the players not just your child.
  8. Remember that we all make mistakes.
  9. Please remember that recreation hockey is development hockey and is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey and to play as a team. If your child is looking for a more demanding game ask us about our select/travel hockey program.
  10. Enjoy the season and have fun.