Monday, December 10, 2018
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Supergoose Sports is Savannah's premier indoor sports organization providing inline hockey, indoor soccer, & indoor lacrosse. Supergoose Sports offers programs from the beginner to the seasoned athlete and our member ages range from 4 - 50+.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a high quality sports programs through our passion of the game, positive influences, teamwork and strong community involvement.

Supergoose History
Supergoose Sports began in the Savannah area in the early 1990's as Savannah's first hockey program. The adult team was known as the Savannah Gnats and traveled to tournaments in the southeast. Many of these adult players assisted the YMCA in beginning the sport of Inline Hockey for youth in the spring of 1994. Founder of Supergoose Hockey, Greg Eng, worked with county commissioners to have an outdoor inline hockey facility built at Lake Mayer in 1998. Youth and adult leagues continued to grow through the years and in 2001 the Savannah Skate Inn was purchased and renovated into what we now know as... Supergoose Sports AKA 'The Goose Nest'!

The Story of the Goose
'The Goose Story'... Our first hockey rink was at an outdoor rink at Lake Mayer; which is a lake with a small island park in Savannah. As you may know, the lake is home to many wild birds and animals including our favorite, 'The Canadian Geese'. Unfortunately, their favorite place to nest was close to the rink and many hockey players met their match when approached by an angry Canadian Goose who was running them away to protect their nests.

Hence, we became the 'Goose', a tough, territorial creature!

About the facility
•28,000 square ft. building with Spectator Area
•Cascadia hockey boards with tempered glass
•Ice Court inline hockey floor
•Hockey Pro Shop
•Specialty Lighting & Sound