Monday, December 10, 2018
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  6. Covenant Not to Sue / Medical Treatment Authorization / Fighting Addendum

    The undersigned understands that all sport activities, including inline hockey, indoor soccer, indoor lacrosse and skating, are rough and fast paced sports with high risk for serious physical injury, including possible death, which is hereby voluntarily assumed.  In consideration of the participants acceptance into this league and/or attendance at the facility for any purpose, the undersigned does hereby release and forever discharge all entities/persons affiliated with this organization (including, but not limited to, J & G Inline Skate and Hockey Supply Inc., GTR Development Inc, Supergoose Sports, Supergoose Soccer LLC, USAHIL, and any of its officers, referees, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors) from any and all claims for damages or injuries which may be suffered by the participant now or in the future as a result of the negligence of J & G Inline Skate and Hockey Supply Inc., GTR Development Inc., Supergoose Sports, Supergoose Soccer LLC, USAHIL or any agent thereof or the negligence of other participants, or other occurrences at any league or event held by   J & G Inline Skate and Hockey Supply Inc., GTR Development Inc, Supergoose Sports, Supergoose Soccer LLC, USAHIL.  The undersigned hereby certifies that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, the participant is in good physical condition and has no disease or injury that will be aggravated or cause harm to the participant or others in the league or event.

    In case of emergency or injury, I hereby authorize Supergoose Sports to seek medical attention for the participant.  All related costs will be the responsibility of the participant and/or guardian.


Rule 613b.  Fighting. (Clarification). A minor or double minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who, having been struck, retaliates with a punch or an attempted punch. However, at the discretion of the Referee, a major penalty for fighting shall be assessed if the player continues the altercation. Any player receiving a fighting major penalty is automatically ejected from the game and will receive an automatic 5 game suspension.  A second altercation will result in a league suspension without a refund.  All suspensions at the end of the season (or playoffs) will carry over to the next season.

    All players must have current registration proof with USAHIL.  Required equipment must be worn.

    The registrant certifies that he/she has read the foregoing, understands the terms set forth herein, and agrees by checking this box they are digitally signing the agreement and are bound by the same.

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