Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Rules & Regs

All coaches, players, parents and guardians shall comply with the rules of all organizations affiliated with Supergoose Sports, USA Hockey Sanctioned Leagues, and all Tournament Organizations.



General. Good sportsmanship is required of all players, coaches, parents and spectators. All USA Hockey and Supergoose Sports rules will be strictly enforced.

Parents and Coaches. All parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Parents will be held responsible, along with the player, to see that all rules and policies are followed. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team.

Code of Conduct. All parents, coaches and players shall adhere to the Code of Conduct of USA Hockey.


Parents' Responsibility. Parents have the obligation to ensure that their player wears all of the mandatory equipment and that all of their player's equipment is in satisfactory condition, of the correct size and has not been modified in any manner that would reduce its performance as warranted by the manufacturer.

Mandatory Equipment for Supergoose Hockey Participants. No player may participate in a Supergoose Hockey game or practice without all of the Mandatory Equipment. The following equipment is required for all players in all Supergoose hockey programs:

- HECC approved helmet and face mask (mask optional for adults) 
- Hockey gloves
- Hockey pants with pads
- Shoulder pads (optional)
- Shin guards;
- Supporter with cup (boys) and pelvic protector (girls)
- Elbow pads
- Internal mouth guard
- Goalies must wear an approved fully protective face mask and helmet with throat protector

Improper Conduct

General Principle. A coach or player who fails to conduct himself/herself properly on or off the rink may be issued minor, misconduct, game misconduct, gross misconduct or match penalties from game officials and may be subject to the sanctions set forth below. Further action involving probation, suspension or termination from Supergoose Sports.

Examples of Improper Conduct. The following examples of improper conduct are presented for clarity, and are not meant to be all inclusive. At no time should any of this conduct occur either before, during or after a Supergoose Sports game, practice or event:

- threatening or derogatory remarks to members of the opposing team, referees, rink officials, members of the staff or spectators;
- threatening or derogatory remarks to teammates, coaches, game officials or coaches;
- abusive or obscene gestures or actions;
- a player failing to proceed directly to the penalty box when issued a penalty;
- failure of the coach to keep his/her players under control; and
- marking or defacing the Supergoose Sports facility.

Parents' Financial Responsibility. Any financial cost associated with the improper conduct of a Supergoose Hockey player while participating in a Supergoose Hockey sponsored event shall be the responsibility of the parents of that player, including the costs resulting from the marking or defacing of facilities or the destruction of any equipment or other personal property.

Parents and Spectators. Parents and spectators are under USA Hockey "ZERO TOLERENCE and may be asked to leave or be removed from the rink at any time by a game official for improper conduct.

Major Penalties. Supergoose Hockey enforces the rules of USA Hockey.

Rule 403a. Major Penalties. (Clarification). For a "MAJOR PENALTY," the offending player shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty. A player involved in a fight shall receive an automatic ejection. If the player is in multiple age divisions, he shall be ejected from all age divisions he is competing in.

Rule 404c. Misconduct Penalties. (Clarification). A player or Team Official incurring a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended for the remainder of that game. Any player who receives a second game misconduct penalty during the course of the season shall be suspended for the remainder of that game plus the next three games of that team Any player who receives a third game misconduct during the course of the season shall be suspended for the remainder of the playing year.

Rule 410a. Supplementary Discipline. (Clarification). In addition to the suspensions assessed under these rules, Goose Hockey authorities may, at the conclusion of a game or tournament, at their discretion, investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any game and may assess additional suspensions for any offense committed before, during or after any game by a player or Team Official, whether or not such offense had been penalized by the Referee. This rule gives Goose Hockey officials great latitude to penalize players who demonstrate poor sportsmanship, foul language or unacceptable off-rink behavior.

Rule 601. Abusive Conduct. (Clarification). A player or coach who is abusive to an official shall receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, a ten minute misconduct, a game misconduct or all three. Any player or coach who receives a game misconduct under Rule 601 shall be automatically suspended for the next game of that team (Rule 404c).

Rule 613b. Fighting. (Clarification). A minor or double minor penalty shall be assessed to a player who, having been struck, retaliates with a punch or an attempted punch. However, at the discretion of the Referee, a major penalty for fighting shall be assessed if the player continues the altercation. Any player receiving a fighting major penalty is automatically ejected from the game and will receive an automatic 5 game suspension. A second altercation will result in a league suspension without a refund. All suspensions at the end of the season (or playoffs) will carry over to the next season.

Rule 622. Interference by Spectators. (Addition). If a spectator persists in harassing a referee, the team that the spectator represents may be penalized with a minor penalty. If the harassment continues, the spectator will be ejected from the building.

There are dangers and risks inherent in all sport activities. By virtue of entering upon and using this premise you are confirming that you understand these dangers and risks, and that you are expressly releasing and discharging all entities/persons affiliated with Supergoose Sports, GTR Development, and/or J & G Inline Hockey and Skating Supplies, Inc. This organization hereby expressly disclaims any and all liability resulting from injuries occurring on this premise.